“WE DO EXIST”: The Long Road to School. The Story of Tatarovs

Shooting of the documentary “WE DO EXIST” by Production Studio “HEADMEDIA,” which began on February 15, 2016, as part of the initiative “Feel by Yourself,” initiated by the PU “Civic Guard” and NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” continues.

The next in a series of episodes about people with disabilities is a story of a boy with cerebral palsy, plastic tetraparesis obtained as a result of birth trauma. Bohdan was born on the 32nd week of gestation. In the first moments of his life, he was not breathing. Bohdan is the oldest child in the family. Several years ago, his parents took a chance and now Bohdan has got two healthy brothers.

The boy can move only in the wheelchair assisted by his mother. Every day they have to cover about four kilometres on the way to school. Their path lies through railway tracks. The guy can only dream of going out in the rain because his mother has no energy to push the wheelchair in off-road conditions.

School “meets” all special children with high stairs and classrooms on the upper floors. Despite all the troubles, Bohdan is a good student, studies English and recites poems in English. He dreams of cooking a potato casserole for his own family.

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