WE Do Exist: Life on the Knees. The Story of Vasyl Pohodayev

Shooting of the documentary “WE Do Exist” is going to be finished with a story of Vasyl Pohodayev, a citizen of Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk district.

Disabled since childhood Vasyl has spent all his life in a wheelchair. Life on the knees our hero knows not from the stories. The man treats the concept of “accessibility” with irony. He notes that it was absent either in the soviet times or in the independent Ukraine. Life in a village near Svitlovodsk, where he has lived since 1992, the man describes as one of the best periods in his life. “I’ve got more freedom, it’s more accessible and easier to breathe,” – he says.

With great pride the man remembers his first wheelchair. Vasyl says that when he got it, he discovered a lot new opportunities.

“When I got a wheelchair, it may be very first feeling that I can freely drive around the village in the summer. Although when I did not have any – what I could? I could climb the fence on my knees and sit on a bench.”

The man treats life philosophically – he never complains, often travels in his wheelchair to nearby cities. In 2015, for the first time in many years he managed to visit his homeland – Russia, where the man, despite his condition, was fishing along with healthy relatives.

Shooting is completed and now it’s turn of the film editor to take the lead. The author of the idea Natalia Sevidova promises that the presentation of the film, which was created as part of the initiative “Feel by Yourself,” will take place in autumn 2016.

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