“WE DO EXIST”: Inaccessibility for Two. The Story of Podatels

The family of Podatels from Svitlovodsk continue a series of stories for the documentary “We Do Exist,” as part of the initiative “Feel by Yourself,” initiated by PU “Civic Guard” and NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU”.

This story has a special place in our film, because it is about two sisters Mariya and Daryna Podatel. Spastic toxia – such diagnosis doctors made with the girls on the fourth year of their life. Both girls are “dependent” on the disease, and at the same time, due to the fall, Mariya’s disease is manifested much sharper. Therefore, Maria is forced to move in a wheelchair, while her sister is moving independently.

“Despite the possibility of moving of one of us – the issue of accessibility remains our priority,” – the girls say.

Despite the fact that Mariya has moved in a wheelchair since her childhood, she genuinely loves life and it is mutual. The graduate of Svitlovodsk secondary school no.9, Mariya works as logistician at a local company. In his spare time, she likes reading fantasy books, and writes her own stories, which she gladly shares with her friends.

“Two years ago I accidentally watched on TV an excerpt from the contest “Beauty without Limits” and longed to participate in it. This year an organizer of the contest contacted me and invited to participate. I submitted an application and, surprisingly, I was invited to the competition.”

Sisters live in a remote area of Svitlovodsk and every day they feel all the peculiarities of architectural inaccessibility of a multi-storeyed building in which they live. Mariya’s wheelchair is practically broken because of bad roads. It is almost mission impossible for girls to go to the city centre: the only bus equipped with a ramp does not reach the area of their habitation. While other buses the girls cannot use due to difficult mounting.

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