“We Do Exist.” Fighting Indifference. The Story of Oksana and Danylo Kulievtsovs

The work on the documentary “WE DO EXIST” as part of the initiative “Feel by Yourself,” initiated by the PU “Civic Guard” and NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” continues.

The shooting of the third episode has been finished. This is the story of Oksana Kulyevtsova who brings up her 5-year-old son Danylo. Due to the negligence of doctors, the boy was born with disability and was diagnosed cerebral palsy.

For five years Oksana Kulievtsova has struggled not only for the health of her son, but also with city and state officials who ignore the needs of special children by not dealing with the issues of architectural accessibility of roads, pavements, children’s clinics and shops. Even a neighbour “helps” by parking his car so that it is problematic to pass by with a wheelchair when going go for a walk.

Having tired of bureaucratic indifference and understanding the problems of children with disabilities, Oksana has a dream to build a modern rehabilitation centre where these children can get education and be prepared for life in society, so far not very friendly to children with disabilities.

Finally, Oksana Kulievtsova advises mothers of special children in any case not to listen to “well-wishers” to abandon their children.

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