The Activists of the “Feel by Yourself” Figured out “Disappearance” of ATM in Svitlovodsk (+ video)

Mariya and Daryna Podatel, citizens of Revivka area in Svitlovodsk, informed the “Feel by Yourself” initiative about the dismantled ATM at 2 Robitnycha Street where they usually get their pensions.

Mother of girls with disabilities complains that dismantled ATM was the only one in the whole Revivka area which is far from the city centre, and people with disabilities have to get to the nearest ATM about 4 km to get their money.

Activists of “Feel by Yourself” initiative immediately appealed to the local branch of PrivatBank to clear up the situation. As the head of the local branch reported, they know about the problem but cannot solve it at the moment. However, she promised that the issue would be resolved within two weeks. Activists of the PU “Civic Guard” and NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” will appeal to the main branch of Privatbank to get official explanation.

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