Our goals

  • Development and strengthening of cooperation of Ukrainian NGOs, democratic political forces, politicians and public figures with international organizations in Europe;
  • Promotion ofinternational unification efforts of European and Ukrainian democratic political forces, politicians and non-governmental organizations for the protection of human dignity at the level of the individual and society, protection of democratic rights and freedoms;
  • Promotion of European democratic values in Ukraine;
  • Opposition to any form of violence that lead to the neglect of human dignity, oppression of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion;
  • Promotion of the integration of democratic political parties and public organizations of Ukraine in international organizations of Europe;
  • Promotion of the implementation of international environmental programs aimed at improving the environmental situation in Europe and worldwide. Active promotion of the development and implementation of alternative energy sources;
  • Opposition to ethnic hatred and racial discrimination;
  • Combating trafficking and promotion of gender equality in Ukraine.