NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” and PU “Civic Guard” Organised a Training “Problems and Their Solutions for War Participants,” Led by American Psychologist Ottis Winston “Chip” Taylor


On February 22, in Kyiv, NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” together with PU “Civic Guard” organized a one-day training on “Problems and their Solutions for War Participants,” as part of the initiative to develop All-Ukrainian network of Centres for socio-psychological rehabilitation and adaptation of ATO military, people with disabilities and IDPs.


Coach – Ottis Winston “Chip” Taylor, an experienced American psychotherapist, who for 8 years has been living and working in Ukraine to overcome the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of military personnel, treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide prevention and related phenomena.

The event was attended by public leaders, volunteers, wives of military, representatives of Defence Ministry of Ukraine, psychologists and practitioners who work with Ukrainian soldiers.


The training concentrated on the issues of the physical and psychological changes that occur in people who have experienced stress as a result of participation in hostilities. They are servicemen and members of their families who actually are co-dependent on post-traumatic stress disorder. There were discussed “flashbacks” when a soldier being at home, mentally returns to war. “Chip” showed the participants of the training some practical “hints” that allow you to minimize the negative effects of the above syndromes.


One of the organizers of the training, the head of NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” Natalia Sevidova stressed the particular importance of such practical exercises in Ukraine. “Only together, uniting efforts of caring people and developing a system of professional social and psychological assistance, we can help soldiers, people with disabilities, IDPs and other groups of the population in need of such assistance,” – she emphasized.

“I am confident that information received at the training will be useful, – said Head of the NGO “Kyiv City Civic Guard” Oleksander Zaichenko. – Maybe it will help save the love, relationship, and perhaps even the life of a soldier, a person with disabilities or an IDP.”

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