Our projects


In December 2013, after participants of the Maidan had been beaten near the Presidential Administration, “Bridge Ukraine-EU” together with “Civic Guard” commenced a project to support the victims of beatings, their families and loved ones to fight for the right to defence, to dignity, to decent medical and legal assistance.

The purpose of the project is to support the right of victims to defence, full health recovery, finding guilty to the crime, openness and support so that the victims of beatings did not become the victims of legal corruption and political expediency.

Partners – International Organization “Bridge Ukraine-EU” in cooperation with PU“Civic Guard,” Amnesty International Ukraine, Human Rights Watch, Media human rights organizations of Ukraine, public initiative Euromaidan SOS, NGO “Centre for Civil Freedoms.”

Tools – daily monitoring of the situation, involvement in litigation, contacts with families and victims, providing all the necessary help, briefings, cooperation with Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, European Parliament, cooperation with medical institutions, charitable organizations in Ukraine and the world.


“Bridge Ukraine-EU”pays special attention to promoting healthy and safe lifestyle, combating such negative phenomena as drug addiction, alcoholism, ludomaniaand other.

Our activists together with relevant specialists have developed and issued booklets for parents with information as how to ascertain whether the child is taking drugs, and what to do in such a case, as well as instructions for entrepreneurs with information about the legal responsibility for sellingalcohol and tobacco products to minors. We produced and broadcast video materials covering the negative impact of alcohol and corruption.

Activists of the Organizations “Bridge Ukraine-EU” and “Civic Guard”together with law enforcement agencies and local authorities conducted joint raids and propaganda conversationsamong parents and adolescents on promoting healthy lifestyle, as well as with entrepreneurs, to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors.


“Bridge Ukraine-EU” helps counteract any forms of corruption, including extortion. The Organization is in favour of the implementation of anti-corruption business principles and anti-corruption activities of the authorities.

For the purpose of mass distribution among the population, we haveissued booklets that inform about major corruption manifestation and measures to combat it. We have produced and presented to a wider audience audio-visualmaterials that highlight the negative impact of corruption on the lives of Ukrainians and the economic development of Ukraine as a whole.

We have been holding seminars and educational work among the population about their rights and methods of protection against corruption.


One of the priorities of the International Organization “Bridge Ukraine-EU” is an issue of ecology and environmental protection.

Since June 2009, in cooperation with PU “Civic Guard” we have launched a large-scale project aimed at informing the inhabitants of Kirovograd region about the dangers of extraction of uranium ore in the region. We have handed out thousands of instructions to Kirovograd residents on the dangers of radioactive gas radon and the ways to combat this dangerous gas. There were conducted public hearings at which the corresponding specialists, doctors, industrialists and environmentalists could convey the necessary information to the public about the environmental problems connected with the uranium extracting. Our Organization produced a lot of TV programs and newspaper articles regarding this issue.


As part of the environmental protection project, “Bridge Ukraine – EU” initiates campaigns and provides practical help in cleaning populated areas.


The three NGOs: PU “Civic Guard,” PA “Mother’s Heart” and NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” launched a nationwide social project “Feel it by yourself”.

Purpose: to attract the attention of society and authorities to the problems of people with special needs, finding ways to solve them, increase tolerance, fight indifference in society towards people with disabilities, as well as social adaptation of military and volunteers that became invalids during the hostilities on the temporary occupied territories of Ukraine.

Goal: to develop and implement changes in the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of social policy, namely:

– to create standards for the construction and renovation of existing buildings to meet the needs of people with disabilities;

– to develop mandatory standards of the construction of public transport, taking into account the needs of people with disabilities;

– to create rehabilitation centres for medical and psychological care;

– to develop information materials for people with disabilities, describing specific problems and definition of specific government agencies responsible for such problem solving;

– to establisht public control in the local government and central government agencies over the implementation of legislation regarding disabled people needs, through the formation of community councils, composition of which should include, first of all, representatives of NGOs dealing with the problems of the disabled people;

Mechanisms for implementation:

– Holding public inventory of public areas, as part of the social project “Feel it by yourself”, for the needs of disabled people, thus uniting all concerned about this issue;

– Creation of TV programs for central and regional TV channels on coverage of problems of people with disabilities;

– Involving people with disabilities in the development of required legislative changes, taking into account the real situation;

– Creation of a system of communication between disabled people and care agencies, local government through social media;

– Attracting of international grants to create communication programs for people with disabilities and drafting legislation.