Borys Hudziak: “Conflict is generated by the fear of losing something, and fear is the origin of aggression”


As part of the initiative “Let’s Talk,” Association of Ukrainians in Belgium and NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” organized a meeting with Bishop Borys Hudziak in the Ukrainian House AUB. The topic of conversation was chosen by Bishop: “Our dignity after the Maidan and ATO: how to protect it?”


“Bishop Borys Hudziak came to Belgium on business and graciously accepted our invitation to come to talk to local Ukrainian community, who wanted to know how to preserve dignity after the Revolution,”- says representative of the NGO “Bridge Ukraine-EU” Anna Yavorska. Most Ukrainians try to remember their dignity. “But things get worse with hope – says Anna Yavorska – we’re getting disappointed and this meeting with Bishop is like resuscitation.”


The idea of the meeting was to identify problems that stop Ukrainians on the way to success, and this is possible on condition that they first realize the existence the problems and their causes, in order to put them to an end.

Participants of the meeting were interested in the causes of internal conflicts among Ukrainians. Borys Hudziak said that it is our burden, but also explained why this happens. “Conflicts are generated by the fear of losing something, and fear is the origin of aggression. We must stop thinking that “if someone wins, we will lose. It is a zero sum game.”


Borys Hudziak warned the audience not to be subjected to media provocations and specially designed strategies aimed at provoking cynicism, negativity, discouragement and mistrust among the people. Another instruction is to avoid conflicts if it is not a question of the Truth.

Finally, the Bishop said that we cannot forget the lessons taught by the history, meaning the collapse of the Soviet Union, and both Maidans.

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